Friday, September 23, 2011

Riding a Bike - Manual Mode

Wow!  I never realized how fun AND frustrating photography could be!  PHEW!  Good thing I am loving the fun part more right now!  LOL!  Once I get this manual thing down I know it will get much easier for me.  

These pictures were all taken in manual mode meaning that I adjusted the Aperture (f stop), Shutter Speed, & ISO.  As you can see, all of the pictures turned out different.  I wish I could tell you the settings for each but I didn't write anything down.  Oops!  I was in picture taking mode and just went with the flow.

Story behind the pictures:  My son (who is 6 years old) just learned how to ride a bike without the training wheels this week.  I wanted to capture some of this with my new skills.  Notice that his training wheels are still attached but pulled up to the side??  They will be completely removed tomorrow.  One of the wheels fell off on a family bike ride a few weeks ago.  He kind of had no choice on learning to ride without training wheels.  LOL!

I love how the picture below turned out.  The Shutter Speed was super high.  He was going super fast and I was able to capture him suspended in space & time.  :)

Isn't his toothless smile adorable?? 

Not really sure what he was looking at but I was able to capture it on film.  :)

Comments:  These are 5 of my favorite pics from this photo session.  I probably took over 25-30 pictures and trashed almost half of them.  Some were out of focus, dark, etc.  I am learning that I need to practice, practice, practice......  and even with that there are going to be a lot of mistakes!

P.S.  Yes, he had a helmet on earlier but took it off right before I came out with my camera.  I guess I was so much in the picture taking mode I didn't realize he didn't have it on.  Now that I am looking at the pictures I am realizing!!


  1. They look awesome Robyn ! I need to take some of Abby she just learned to ride hers also ! TFS !

  2. Robyn!!we'll be seeing your pic's in the photo mag. soon..awesome pic's...

  3. Great pictures Robyn, his toothless smile is adorable. I'd love to know what on earth he was trying to figure out in that bottom pic!!!

  4. Hi Robyn, I'm a photographer, and just want you to know you can always see your data it is called Efix data from every picture you take. If you want you can start a flickr account post your pictures there and it pulls all of the data for you. Good luck, I Love photography and what I do....If you want to see my flickr page let me know. Rickie

  5. Awesome Robyn! At CHA you'll have to teach me how to use my D90! haha.

  6. Glad you are having so much fun with your new interest. Love the pic and the priceless toothless grin.

  7. Love all your pictures so far, thanks for all the updates, helps to inspire me to get out there too. Wish I could have taken the class, maybe next time. Look forward to seeing more.

  8. Great job Robyn! On my dslr when I save pics if I right click, go to properties, then details, it tells you all of your settings!!
    Just got mine, scared to go into manual, but my sister is taking the same class you are, so hoping she can help me!!

    Sara K

  9. Great job Robyn! Also I wanted to add, since I know you have a mac and I'm guessing you use iPhoto, you can look at the picture settings. When you're on the picture click the little info button and it'll tell you what the picture properties are. Loving your blog, and yes practice, practice, practice.


  10. Aperture tells you too. I think you said you use that? So, were you using the prime lens or the kit lens? Isn't manual fun and not so scary now? I learned how in a one day course and there is no looking back now! :)

  11. Great job....looks like his daddy!