Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Week 2 - Day 2 (Apertures)

It's so much funner having a live model for this assignment!

Aperture Speed 1:1.4

Aperture Speed 1:13

Open Aperture 1:1.4 (notice how the subject is sharp but the background is blurry?)

Closed Aperture 1:14 (notice how the background is sharp along with the subject?)


  1. She is beautiful. Great pictures Robyn.

  2. Your pictures are great Robyn!!

  3. I so need to take this class. I have a Nikon Sorry and have no idea how to set the aperture mode. Your pictures are beautiful. Any tips would be great. Thanks Robyn.

  4. WOW! Now I really want to get a nice camera too! Beautiful pictures!!!


  5. Great Shots!!!!

    Fun Fun Fun

    What are you shooting with?



  6. These are great Robyn! I really like it when the subject is clear and the background is fuzzy. Keep it up!!

  7. I love the blurred backgrounds! It's amazing what a difference it makes!
    It's wonderful that you had a willing model, too! Mine can get pretty squirrely when the camera comes out, if they're not literally diving for cover!!!

  8. Great pics - thanks for putting this link on your other blog! I'm enjoying seeing your progress. I also added the class on my wish list!!! I take a gazillion pics all the time but feel there is so much I don't know. This looks like an awesome class to help one grow as a photographer! Have fun and thanks for sharing!!!!
    ps - your kiddos are beautiful!

  9. AMAZING pictures!! I really want to take that class though I just took a class but I think another one would that I actually have assigments woul help drill it in!! I so love using my Aperture Priority!!

  10. These are amazing, i am trying to learn how to do this aperture stuff with my camera as well, love the blurred background, are you aloud to tell us how to do this??

  11. What a beautiful girl...I can't wait to learn what you are....looks like you are learning a lot...thanks for sharing as always!

  12. I LOVE the effect where the subject is sharp but the background is blurry. I have been wishing for a long time that I could figure out how to do it! ...I am just not that smart...LoL How did you do it??? Take care!

  13. Your photography skills are top-notch - but your daughter is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!! I love to see fresh-faced girls looking their own age and not trying to look 18! I'm such a fan of MPS and now of your photo blog too!